Watch Out for the Pawn Shop Gold Scam!

Pawn Shop Gold Scam

Seller Beware! Pawn Shops are notorious for buying stuff way below the actual value, therefore preying on the desperate people who need the money the most. Don’t be a victim of the Pawn Shop Gold Scam! Pawn shops often pay 20%-50% less than what the gold and silver is really worth! Don’t be a victim of the Pawn Shop Gold Scam!

Fight the Gold Scam. Don’t sell at a Pawn Shop!

When you sell your precious metal such as Gold and Silver jewelry, scrap gold & dental gold, make sure you get paid top dollar! You only have one chance to get the money you need out of your gold and silver, so do it right the first time. It’s not unusual for Mobys Coffee to pay double what you would get a pawn shop.

At Home Gold Party Gold Scam!

You may think that going to one of those at Home Gold Parties would be a good place to sell your scrap Gold and Silver, but they can be just a s bad as a pawn shop! In North Carolina, at home gold parties are illegal without a permit  AT EVERY HOUSE!!!! No one gets a permit to do an at home gold party and this makes them ILLEGAL & a Gold Scam!!!

Getting the proper permits prevents the purchase of stolen Gold and Silver! Since the people buying Gold and Silver at ILLEGAL GOLD PARTIES are breaking the law, and therefore criminals, they also pay much less for Gold & Silver than what it’s worth. Often times 20%-30% less than what we pay at Mobys Coffee!

Stop the Gold Scam…Sell your Gold & Silver at Mobys Coffee!

We always pay more for Gold and Silver! Try us out! Go everywhere else first and get your best price and we will beat it, guaranteed!

Remember some key things when selling Gold & Silver. Ask what the buy price is PER GRAM only! Make sure the buyer separates out the gold by karat weight and weighs each separately. Watch them and make sure that the math adds up! The $ per gram times gold in grams should equal what they are giving you. Many buyers do not want to disclose what they are paying per gram because they want to pay as little as possible. They will make you an offer, and you accept, they have just scammed you. They often offer much lower than what reputable buyers are paying. You have to be on gaurd.

At Mobys Coffee, we always disclose our buy price and let you see the numbers so you know you are being treated fairly. Every Time!!! It’s never a Gold Scam here!

Avoid the Pawn Shop Gold Scam by going to Mobys Coffee.