Mobys Coffee of Mount Airy NC introduces Homemade Pies…

Homemade Pies-No Preservatives!

Miss Angel’s Heavenly Homemade Pies are now available!

All of the fruit is picked that morning from the trees of Rolling Hills Farms and taken straight to the kitchen to give you the freshest homemade pies around. Right now, apples are in season so you can come in and experience Miss Angel’s incredible Apple Pie Recipe.

Homemade Pies-Two Sizes Available

These homemade pies will be available in a 5″ “Pie for Two” and an awe inspiring 9″ that makes your mouth water on sight! You can choose from Lattice, Crumb or Regular Crusts. We also have single serving turnovers.

9" Homemade Pies-Deep Dish

9" Homemade Pies-Deep Dish

5" Homemade Pies-Deep Dish

5" Homemade Pies-Deep Dish

Homemade Pies-Freshest Around!

Miss Angel’s Heavenly Pies are the freshest around! The fruit that goes into these incredible pies are picked from the tree that morning and taken straight to the kitchen. These pie recipes have no preservatives and no added sugar. They are naturally sweet and taste great!

These pies are season driven. That means whatever fruit is in season, that’s what will be baked into the pies.

Come by Mobys Coffee to get your homemade pies or to place your order.

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